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Saurolophinae by olofmoleman
So following the lineup of heads of the Lambeosaurinae, I thought I'd continue with the other side of Hadrosaurs. The ones without the crazy hollow crests, or Saurolophinae. I've based these reconstructions on lateral views of photo's or scientific drawings of the skulls.
There are several things I should note about these reconstructions though. Sometimes, Hadrosaurs are reconstructed with some kind of airsack connected to the nostrils. I've chosen to not any outragous airsacks that are mostly hypothetical and just stuck with the general outline of the nose on the skull. Another thing I should add, though I originally planned to add it, I could not find any good reference of Kritosaurus. And it is also very similar to Gryposaurus. So I chose not to add it in.

The names are as follows:

Shantungosaurus giganteus   -   Edmontosaurus regalis

                    Kundurosaurus monumentensis   -   Saurolophus osborni

Gryposaurus monumentensis   -   Brachylophosaurus canadensis

                    Maiasaura peeblesorum   -   Prosaurolophus maximus

Not to scale

I'll probably make a lineup of some basal Hadrosaurs and Iguanodontids next. Though I'm not sure when.
Crazy Crests of Lambeosaurinae by olofmoleman
Crazy Crests of Lambeosaurinae
A lineup of some of the well known Lambeosaurine Hadrosaurs as well as some that are less known. I've reconstructed these heads on the basis of profile views of the skulls.
It always amazes me how different and crazy-looking some of these crests are.

Names are are follows:

Olorotitan arharensis  -   Parasaurolophus walkeri

                    Hypacrosaurus altispinus   -   Corythosaurus casuarius

Velafrons coahuilensis   -   Tsintaosaurus spinorhinus

                    Amurosaurus riabinini   -   Lambeosaurus lambei

Not to scale

I may still add a few if I can find good reference.

Tsintaosaurus Profile by olofmoleman
Tsintaosaurus Profile
I've always loved Hadrosaurs. Parasaurolophus being my favourite Dinosaur. I've been wanting to make a lineup of Lambeosaurinae Hadrosaurs for a while now. But I never got around to do it. There was a study on Tsintaosaurus a while back that suggested that the old unicorn-look of the animal was incorrect. So I though this might be a good time to finally start on a lineup of Hardosaur portraits. So here's the modern look of Tsintaosaurus based on the recent study. I don't think I'll post all the portraits separately, instead I will probably just post the whole lineup when I'm done. So this is just a preview of things to come.


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I come from THW. I just want to ask you permission to edit the skin of one of your models, the Triceratops.

The model itself is just awesome (like all your other models), but I would need to make some modifications on the skin.
It's for my current proyect. I will NOT upload it anywhere, and I will of course give you the appropiate credits.

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